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Andy’s Custom Gutters, Inc.
Andy’s Custom Gutters, Inc.
Andy’s Custom Gutters, Inc.
Andy’s Custom Gutters, Inc.

Rules for Proper Gutter Maintenance

  • Inspect your gutter system for proper drainage at least every season
  • Clean all gutters and downspouts at least twice per year (late Spring and Fall)
  • Test the system with a garden hose to understand how it works and where problems may arise
  • Rain water should be channeled away from the foundation
  • Gutters are sacrificial architectural elements – that WILL need to be replaced at some point!

Why Gutters are SO Important?

Understanding why gutters are important can save you thousands of dollars. The primary purpose of a gutter is to move water away from the base of your house. Here are just a few of the issues that can arise when you don’t have any gutters, or if your gutters are improperly installed or maintained.

  • Running water on your exterior facade can also cause erosion of your tuckpointing, buckling of your siding, and/or rotting of your wood soffit and fascia.
  • It can cause leaks in your basement and penetrate the slab or foundation.
  • Without gutters the water can hit your windows, finding its way inside through tiny cracks and crevices, causing interior damage.
  • If you have painted surfaces the water damage to the paint can result in it peeling faster requiring you to repaint the surface sooner than you’d otherwise have to.
  • The rain can erode the soil and damage landscaping around your home often resulting in an unpleasant aesthetic appearance.

When to Inspect Gutters?

The best time to inspect how your gutter system is working is during a rain storm. Look for a steady flow of water from your downspouts. If nothing is draining you have blockages or the gutter is not properly pitched toward the downspout. If you find yourself with an issue give us a call.

Identifying Locations of Gutter Blockage

Look for staining and mildew on the outer surface of the gutter. This can indicate that water is not draining from the area or water from the roof is overshooting the gutter. Build up of leaves, dirt, and debris will clog gutters if you do not have them cleaned thoroughly before the winter. Also check your downspouts, if you knock on them and they DO NOT have a hollow sound they are probably filled with debris.

How to Clean Gutters

Keeping gutters clean and flowing properly is of absolute paramount importance to proper house maintenance. You have to do it at least every season, and more often if your house is surrounded by trees and shrubs. This is also a good time to have a professional inspect the gutters for any repairs such as missing brackets, sealing of corner’s or end cap’s, and ensure secure connection of downspouts. At the end of the downspout make sure the water does not drain directly onto the foundation. You want to have extensions that carry water away from the foundation at a grade (not level).

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